Dec 21. 2016

Touch4IT is distributing hundreds of Christmas trees. You can get one, too!


Christmas holidays are full of joy and happiness, which we should share together with our family and friends. It is a time of love and peace, when you don´t have to chase work, but stop for a moment and enjoy the magic of the season, to which also belongs the Christmas tree.

So that we may honor these beautiful holidays, we have decided to create something unique for our friends, supporters, clients, partners - simply for everyone. We decided to create augmented reality in the form of a Christmas tree, which you can see in 3D design through our application and enjoy the traveling toy train under the tree.


fiermna kolaz

How can you do it?

1. Download the Touch4IT AR application, which is available for both Android and iOS devices.

2. Print the image below of this page.


christmas tracker


3. Turn on the app and point the phone on the printed image.

4. Done! Enjoy the nice view of the Christmas tree with lots of presents underneath. :)



We have ale prepared a delicious AR wine as a specifically for our clients

Special thanks belong also to our clients and therefore we have prepared for them a small surprise, which we will give to them officially on Thursday at the Christmas party. They will find our “Touch4IT” logo at the label of wines and when they point their phones at it, they will see the same 3D Christmas tree through the Touch4IT app.

You can also win one of these delightful wines in our FB contest.

christmas treewine


Touch4IT redakcia


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