Jan 20. 2017

Tradeshow CES 2017 introduced new AMD Ryzen as a great breakthrough

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Fresh air in the field of computer processors

AMD showed us the most powerful model Ryzen series in December, which has 8 cores/16 fibers, base frequency of 3,4 GHz, 20MB cache and TDP of 95 W. Ryzen processors will work on new platform, that adds support for the latest technologies such as DDR4 RAM, PCleGen 3, USB 3.1 Gen 2, or NVMe.

Comparing with the competition form Intel

I7 6900K from Intel was compared during the presentation of New Horizon AMD from Ryzen. Intel's processor has 8 cores/16 fibers and 20 MB cache, but the basic beat with boost 3,2 GHz to 3,7 GHz and higher TDP up to 140 W. This means a direct competition. Fact, that should be noticed is that the i7 6900K is now the second most powerful model of desktop processors. Big surprise is that new AMD Ryzen model defeated i7 in all tests that have been presented. All of them are based on games such as Star Wars Battlefront – Rouge One & Battlefield 1 in 4K resolution and also on rendering and transcoding videos in Blender and Handbrake.



Image: AMD Ryzen / YouTube

News from CES 2017

The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas gave us more news and important information about AM4 platform for Ryzen processors. We were also introduced to motherboards from manufacturers ASRock, Gigabyte, MSI and Biostar. New chipsets are named A320, B350 and X370. The last two will support CPU operation. The most powerful model X370 is the only one that supports dual PCI Express connection slots for graphic cards. X370 also has DDR4 and NVMe technologies already mentioned, and native USB 3.1 10 Gbps.

Further demonstration of the power

We were able to watch Doom game running in 4K resolution at high details at 60 frames per second only at CES. Even the most powerful consumer video card NVIDIA GTX 1080 does not offer such a power. What does power that computer to be able to run such a monstrous demo? The answer is Ryzen AMD processor and new graphics card with VEGA architecture.


AMD Ryzen logo

Image: AMD Ryzen Logo / AMD

The future of AMD Ryzen

Demonstration of Ryzen CPU processors & Vega graphic card definitely exceeded our expectations. Higher performance and lower power consumption than the current best processors on the market leaves everyone surprised. The price also play in favour of AMD. Intel mentioned cost is more than 1000€, but new Ryzen has estimated price only on 500€.

By the latest information new Ryzen processors should appear on February/March this year.