Jan 30. 2017

5 marketing tactics that require your time, not your money


Many startups are at the beginning dealing with lack of funding for marketing. In this case, it is necessary to focus on marketing tactics that are low cost, but at the other hand quite effective.

1. Use social networks and talk with your fans.

It is not enough to just register on social networks an expect that you will gain popularity by doing nothing. You have to spend a lot of time and patience. Produce regular and high quality posts, like comments on your posts, answer their questions – make a community around your brand. Your fans and customers (whether existing or potential) want your attention and see that you care. Your hard work and time devoted to them will come back through their loyalty and positive reviews.



2. Organize Webinar.

Webinar is an interactive online seminar based on live communication through internet connection (usually via website). This is a new way of education and promotion of your brand itself. Free Webinars may increase awareness of your business and bring new customers and partners. The more interesting topic you give, the bigger audience you can generate. Webinarsrequire a lot of time – you have to think about interesting topics, plan the whole process and distribute it through the internet.

Good example on brand that improved its position thanks to regular webinar is kissmetrics.



3. Search for various interesting seminars and events

Building a successful marketing/ business also means meeting people and networking with them. Watch for interesting events in your neighbourhood where you could meet different people important for you potential clients or business partners.

4. Visit blogs and comment them on regular basis

What's the point? The reason why is quite big enough. One of main marketing objectives is to present your brand as much as possible. The way to do this is also commenting on relevant blogs. Follow this procedure:


  • Identify top 5 blogs that are relevant to you in matter of content..
  • Read relevant articles and comment on them.
  • People will notice you – your brand, and they become naturally curious. That will bring their sympathy.



Image: Serge Kij | Flickr

5. Ask your current customers about their opinion

One of the effective ways to move on and improve your products/services is to talk with your customers to know their opinion. Feel free to ask them for review or rating on your portfolio, that can reveal a lot.
In addition, you can motivate your customers to create stories connected to your brand. This can be used to spread awareness about you and at the same time, it is an excellent base for content marketing.



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