May 16. 2017

A month with Apple Watch Series 2

Apple Watch

Smart watch has been on the market for quite some time and has offered more and more functions and enhancements. The Apple Watch Series 2 has caught the eye of our founder Michal. He uses it daily and has found many benefits.

Series 2 brings an improved, two times brighter display with ambient light sensor. Dual-core processor and the third generation WatchOS secures higher speed of synchronised applications. The watch can be controlled and set according to your demands via application in your iPhone.
On top of that the watch is water-resistant up to 50 meters.

What does our founder Michal say?

It suits me that I'm not bound to my phone, especially when on meetings, when it's improper to check my phone. The watch keeps me informed and allows me to settle urgent business promptly., says Michal.

Except for the primary function to display time, the watch also marks date, temperature, weather, and weather forecast for the next hours and days.



The built-in GPS allows you to monitor your location and route right on the display while your phone is resting in your pocket. It also provides a more practical use of some applications that require location monitoring.

Thanks to the golf application I know my distance relative to the closest hole, which helps me to choose the right golf club.

I appreciate the option to dictate messages in all applications, which is very useful while cycling, for example.



The battery life of the watch is up to 18 hours. That means, if you forget to charge it during the night, you'll be sorry by afternoon. :)

I recommend buying another charger for work and to the car as well. advises Michal.

Another useful function is controlling of the phone's camera via watch. You just set the phone to the right position and when you're ready, touch the watch and take a picture.

I often use the watch to look for my phone. :)

When you activate the beep function, your phone starts ringing. This is very useful, especially when there's no friend around to ring you.

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Images: Apple

The design of the watch is a traditional Apple design – simple and clean and there's various colors and straps to be chosen from. However, not all of them are available in Slovakia yet.

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