Sep 12. 2017

These are the fresh updates planned by the WhatsApp platform


WhatsApp decided to enter the business world and will be releasing new functionality, in the near future, which should be beneficial to companies (however, also end users in the long run). Just what updates do they have in store?


No more than two months ago there was a press release announcing that the number of active WhatsApp users is growing consistently and has now broken the 1.3 billion barrier. The latest statistics show that more than 55 billion messages and 4.5 billion photos are sent each day.

WhatsApp screen mobile

Currently the communication platform WhatsApp is testing all their, soon to be implemented, new functionality with the aim of simplifying business communication. It’s representatives have provided the following statement:

“To us, the main point of interest is to monitor how current users communicate with organizations and subsequently to design solutions based on our findings. Our vision is simple - we want people to be able to keep in touch and for them to be able to communicate with businesses in the simplest way possible.”


The first part of the puzzle is the creation of company profiles whose authenticity will be confirmed by a green badge (see the image below), naturally after passing a verification process. These badges, verifying your official brand status, are meant to help you stand out and create trust in your target audience, and to weed out any scammers.

WhatsApp screen iphone


The WhatsApp platform has a few more tricks up it’s sleeve and is planning to introduce new free tools for small businesses and also more complex solutions (most likely paid) for large enterprises that operate on a global scale (banks, airlines, …). Thanks to these solutions, they will be able to send important notifications such as flight duration information, package delivery confirmations and others.




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