Feb 20. 2018

We offer a full range of custom software development services

vývoj softvéru na mieru

It is one of the biggest benefits for a client to know that one company can cover all his requirements and take care of the whole project till the end. How we do that?  


From creating a graphic design and prototype... 

When the client addresses us with his idea of a web or mobile application (digital product), we discuss all his requirements and expectations. After we agree on mutual cooperation, we're beginning the process of development with a first step - creating a graphic design


Our graphic designers create an app design with an emphasis on the latest modern trends and the best user experience. Creating a nice and correct graphic design of web or mobile application requires knowledge of UX and UI and their proper deployment within the development. It is necessary to adhere to the general design principles and observe elements related to a particular product or brand.


custom software development - design


In the first phase, we suggest clients that we'll create an app prototype that shows the basics of what a product will look like and how the product operates. While working with the prototype, we often find that the client understands what he wants to add/remove from the application, and because it is just a prototype, a small change does not require a large time cost.


custom software development - prototype


... through the development...  

We have skilled Android & iOS developers, frontend & backend developers who work with the latest technologies and develop fully functional mobile and web applications. Each project is managed by one of our project managers who also have experience in the field of technology and take care about the client's expectations and requirements.   


We also have specialists in creating 3D models and augmented reality which is becoming more and more popular.


custom software development - augmented reality


... to production and monitoring.  

After the development of the product's first version, there is its release, which means launching the app "to the world" - launching a website, publishing a mobile app in the App Store or Google Play and so on. There is a need to set up and configure many variables and features so users do not have problems with using the app. After it is released, there is a detailed monitoring that track how users are working with the product and discover new product's sides that have to be changed or improved. After this phase, we are starting with the planning and creating of the product's second version.  


We follow so-called DevOps model which consists of the following phases: 

devops process
                                                                                 Source: Suse.com.


And at the end... we can take care about marketing, too

When launching a digital product, we can offer our clients also our marketing services that can include - for example - increasing website's position (SEO)manage social media for brand promotion, improving user awareness of a new app and many others. When we are working with the app from the beginning, we know all about it and know how to sell it to the end user.  


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