Nov 07. 2016

What awaits us in the field of renewable energy? Tesla has some news


The depletion of fossil fuel global reserves, increasing concentration of CO2 in the air and global warming are some of the biggest challenges that humanity must face. The biggest inovator of the last years – Tesla company, has introduced new products in its grand plan.

Solar energy is the answer to problems

The efficiency of solar energy is infinite, so to speak. From charging your smartphone to supplying your home with energy and even powering whole cities with electricity, i tis all possible thanks to solar energy. The global solar energy use reached 250 000 MW last year.Most of it was produced in China, Germany and Japan, followed by USA. Slovakia is on the 28th place with 591 MW.

The theoretical use of solar energy brings many of the advantages mentioned above. But the problem is the implementation. Solar panels are too expensive for the end user and their effectiveness could be also better. The look on many black rectangles on the fields won´t encourage people to think about using solar energy. Tesla, cooperating with SolarCity, decided to deal with these issues.



Special coverings from Tesla – how can they enchant us?

Instead of installing solar panels on customers homes, Tesla brought special coverings, that replace the standard roof tiles. There will be several colours and designsto choose from, so that will solve the aesthetic problem. By replacing the coverings, there will be a bigger surface for the collecting of solar energy, than with normal solar panels.

However, the sun doesn´t shine all day and most of the people are at home early in the morning or late at night, when the sun isn´t shining. Therefore, it is important to collect the solar energy during the day and store it for a later use. For this purpose, Tesla inventedPowerWall and now we got a redesigned version with the number 2. PowerWall 2 is designed to store up to 14 kWh of energy for the household. In case of higher energy requirements, i tis possible to use several devices. One PowerWall 2 costs 5.500$.


Nwe products from Tesla address fundamental issues, from which solar panels suffer. Price reduction, better utilization and the ability to save energy during the whole day create an ecosystem, that has the potential to be completely independent from classic electricity.

What news still lie ahead?

Tesla is also well known for its electromobiles. Model 3, which is designed for the masses, will begin to sell next year. Along with the innovations in solar energy, Tesla shows us, which direction will we take in the future.


Images: Tesla